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FIFA Manager 09

FIFA Manager 09
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats


Close game

Stadium-construction 1 week

Unlimited negotiation-rounds for main-sponsor

Unlimited negotiation-rounds for TV-sponsor

Unlimited negotiation-rounds for adboards

Unlimited negotiation-rounds for player-exchange

Unlimited negotiation-rounds for club-contract

Unlimited negotiation-rounds for nationalteam-contract

Unlimited points for player-career

Unlimited negotiation-rounds for managersponsors

Team-tactics 1

Team-tactics 3

Team-tactics 5


Quiz - always correct answer

Deactivate cheats

Disable cheats

Field player

All player-attributes (field-player)

Player-attributes: Shot Power

Player-attributes: Long Shots

Player-attributes: Dribbling

Player-attributes: Technique

Player-attributes: Crossing

Player-attributes: Creativity

Player-attributes: Finishing

Player-attributes: Passing

Player-attributes: Long Passing

Player-attributes: Flair

Player-attributes: Tackling

Player-attributes: Man Marking

Player-attributes: Headers

Player-attributes: Touch

Player-attributes: Forward Runs

Goal keeper

All player-attributes (goalkeeper)

Player-attributes: Crosses

Player-attributes: Handling

Player-attributes: Goal Kicks

Player-attributes: One on Ones

Player-attributes: Punching

Player-attributes: Shot Stopping

Player-attributes: GK Thow Outs

Player contract

Playercontract – Basic Salary

Playercontract – Appearances Bonus

Playercontract – Championship Bonus

Playercontract – Retain Divisional Status

Playercontract – If Fee

Playercontract – Goal / Clean Sheet Bonus

Playercontract – Minimum Release Fee

Playercontract – First International Cap Bonus

Playercontract – Season Increment

Playercontract – Agents-Fee

Playercontract – Automatic extension after X matches

Playercontract – International Appearances (Bonus)

Playercontract – International Appearances (Count)

Player attributes

Player-attributes: Free Kicks

Player-attributes: Corner Kicks

Player-attributes: Penalties

Player-attributes: Anticipation

Player-attributes: Aggression

Player-attributes: Composure

Player-attributes: Concentration

Player-attributes: Decisions/Judgement

Player-attributes: Determination

Player-attributes: Team Work

Player-attributes: Consistency

Player-attributes: Intimidation

Player-attributes: Leadership

Player-attributes: Acceleration

Player-attributes: Speed

Player-attributes: Work Rate

Player-attributes: Strength

Player-attributes: Agility

Player-attributes: Jumping

Player-attributes: Stamina

Player positions

Player Position 1

Player Position 2

Player Position 3

Player Position 4

Player Position 5

Player Position 6

Player - Position Bias - Pos. 2

Player - Position Bias - Pos. 3

Player - Position Bias - Pos. 4

Player - Position Bias - Pos. 5

Player - Position Bias - Pos. 6

Player general

Self confidence + morale + energy + fitness + physio + form Max

Self confidence + morale + energy + fitness + physio + form Medium

Self confidence + morale + energy + fitness + physio + form Min

Self confidence








Player - size

Player - weigth

Player - style

Player - talent

Player - tactical training

1st part of the character (A)

1st part of the character (B)

2nd part of the character (A)

2nd part of the character (B)

3rd part of the character

Player - national experience

Player - international experience

Player – 1. Nationality (Part1)

Player – 2. Nationality (Part1)

Player – 1. Nationality (Part2)

Player – 2. Nationality (Part2)

Playertrust in trainer

National team

Budget: Nationalteam

Nationalteam-contract base-salary

Nationalteam-contract qualification

Nationalteam-contract per round

Nationalteam-contract titel

Nationalteam-contract runtime (years)

Manager contract

Teamcontract base-salary

Teamcontract victory-bonus

Teamcontract profit-bonus

Teamcontract annual increase

Teamcontract runtime (years)


Staff – Nationality (Part1)

Staff – Nationality (Part2)

Staff – Talent

Staff – Salary

Staff - Season Increment

Set all visible staff-attributes

Staff - Willingness to Learn

Staff – Resilience

Staff – Effort

Staff – Motivation

Staff – Effort

Staff – Loyalty

All visible staff-attributes +1

All visible staff-attributes -1

All visible staff-attributes +10

All visible staff-attributes -10


Partner - atmosphere

Partner - intelligence

Partner - patience

Partner - spending behavior


Club-balance 1


Budget: Salary

Budget: Transfers

Budget: Buildings

Budget: other

Number of adboards

Money for adboard

Money for all adboards

National prestige

International prestige






Money for all managersponsors

Manager - Golf

Manager - Sail

Manager childs – age

Manager childs - interest

Media Status

Fan Popularity

Manager - mother tongue

Manager - 1. foreign language

Manager - 2. foreign language

Manager - 3. foreign language

Manager - 4. foreign language

Manager - 5. foreign language

Manager - Level foreign language 1

Manager - Level foreign language 2

Manager - Level foreign language 3

Manager - Level foreign language 4

Manager - Level foreign language 5

Premium Cheats

Field player

All field-player attributes +1

All field-player attributes -1

Goal keeper

All goalkeeper attributes +1

All goalkeeper attributes -1

Player general

Create injury for player

Change Players Age (years)


Change Staffs Age (years)

Cheat Description
FIFA Manager 09 Cheats
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About: FIFA Manager 09

FIFA Manager 09: Boost the Testosterone Level!

In order to rock the FIFA Manager 09 in all its facets, a powerful virility can be seen as the minimum requirement. The FIFA Manager 09 includes not only all the features of its predecessor, FIFA Manager 08, but it provides again soccer league intimacy at its best. The systems and ways of thinking have been redesigned, the staff was increased, the communication with the players was improved. Use our exclusive PLITCH Training-Codes and Cheats to make your experience more individual.
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Developer: EA Canada, Bright Future
Publisher: EA Sports, Electronic Arts
Release Year: 2008
Last Update: 5/1/2012
Latest Game Version: 1.40

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