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Spring Break Event 2022 - Website


Spring Break Event 2022

by PLITCH Official
Created On 4/8/2022 9:02:57 AM
PLITCH Official
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Attention PLITCH community!

We have exciting news to share. To celebrate your return from spring break, we are planning to entertain you with a streaming marathon where all of you help determine the games that will be played live. To top it all off, there will be a giveaway of multiple non-recurring PLITCH Premium subscriptions! Keep reading to find out more.

Streaming Marathon!

We are planning a streaming marathon where 10 different games will be livestreamed in English and in German on our Twitch channel from Monday to Friday for two weeks! The marathon will start on April 25, 2022.

This is where you come in! Help us select the games that will be streamed. Suggest your favorite single-player game which is supported by PLITCH by simply replying in this thread with the title of the game you’d like us to stream. The suggestions from our other language forums will be considered as well.



- The game needs to have a trainer on PLITCH
- Every user gets 1 vote
- Upvotes do not count as a vote.
- 1 vote = a reply to this thread with the game title, even if it is a duplicate
- Deadline for suggestions: April 17, 2022



Make sure to participate in our giveaway where you can win free PLITCH Premium Subscriptions ranging from 12-months to 1-month memberships that are non-recurring!

The 10 lucky winners will be drawn on May 11, 2022. They will get notified via e-mail and receive their prize the following day.

Further details about the giveaway and how to participate will be revealed via our newsletter on May 7, 2022. Subscribe to the PLITCH newsletter right away, so you can take advantage of this opportunity as well as receive further information about PLITCH highlights, news and sales.


How to subscribe to the PLITCH newsletter:
1. Click here to go to your account page
2. Scroll down to the CONTACT PREFERENCES section
3. Tick the box for “I consent to receive news and updates about PLITCH”
4. Save your changes


Best of Luck!

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Monster Hunter :x
PLITCH Official
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Hello again PLITCH community!

Thank you very much for your game suggestions! We have used them as well as two games from our streamers’ wish list to put together a nice streaming schedule for our marathon over the next two weeks.

Starting on April 25 we will be playing your suggested games from Monday to Friday for two weeks on our official Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/PLITCH_App

In the first week, our streamer Chi will entertain you by streaming the following games for you in German:
- Mon, April 25, 1 pm CEST – Farming Simulator 22
- Tue, April 26, 1 pm CEST – Call to Arms
- Wed, April 27, 1 pm CEST – Monster Hunter World
- Thu, April 28, 1 pm CEST – 7 Days to Die
- Fri, April 29, 1 pm CEST – Cyberpunk 2077

In the second week, Rawa will be playing these games in English live on stream:
- Mon, May 2, 4 pm CEST – Hearts of Iron IV
- Tue, May 3, 10 am CEST – X4 - Foundations
- Wed, May 4, 4 pm CEST – Stardew Valley
- Thu, May 5, 4 pm CEST – Planet Zoo
- Fri, May 6, 4 pm CEST – Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Remember that at the end of our streaming marathon we will be sending out more detailed information about our give-away via our newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter now to stay up to date with PLITCH. 

Happy Gaming!
PLITCH Official
Team Member
3000 posts

Thank you once again for your game suggestions! Our streaming marathon has successfully ended now.

In case you missed out on the fun, check out the German VODs and the English VODs collections on Twitch.

Our spring give away where you had the chance to win PLITCH Premium memberships has also successfully concluded. The winners have been contacted via e-mail.
In order to participate in the give away, the following question needed to be answered correctly: How many games are presented in the PLITCH monthly SumUp videos? The correct answer to the question was 5.

Feel free to check out the PLITCH monthly SumUp playlist on YouTube.

Thank you for participating in our spring streaming marathon and give away!
Happy Gaming with PLITCH – Cheating Done Right!

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