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Dying Light Cheats

PLITCH is an independent PC software with 60100+ cheats for 4500+ PC games, including 30 cheats for Dying Light


Install PLITCH, start Dying Light and use the PLITCH cheats.

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Dying Light
Trainer & Cheats


Dying Light Cheats

PLITCH is an independent PC software with 60100+ cheats for 4500+ PC games, including 30 cheats for Dying Light


Install PLITCH, start Dying Light and use the PLITCH cheats.

Based on 1883 reviews
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Dying Light
Top 4 cheats in PLITCH Free CheatsInfinite stamina (weapons)Infinite ammo
Premium Icon Premium Cheats
Infinite MoneyInfinite gas (flamethrower)See all cheats

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* PLITCH is an independent PC software with 60100+ cheats for 4500+ PC games, including 30 cheats for Dying Light
Based on 1883 reviews
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30 Cheat Codes

Dying Light

Download and install PLITCH.
Create a free or premium account.
Open the client, search for your game, and start PLITCHing.*
* You need to purchase Dying Light in one of the supported stores to use it with PLITCH.

Free Cheats for Dying Light

These cheats are for free and available for everyone.
Infinite stamina (weapons)
Infinite ammo
Infinite stamina (running)

Premium Cheats for Dying Light

These cheats are only available for premium users.
Infinite Money
Infinite gas (flamethrower)
Indestructible weapons
No Reload
Infinite Nitro
Infinite gas (car)
Instant hold actions
Godmode (carparts)
Easy lock-picking
Fill survival-experience
Fill agility-experience
Fill power-experience
Fill legend-experience
Infinite equipment
Minimum 50 Items
Infinite UV-flashlight
Infinite potion duration
Infinite repairs (carparts)
Infinite grappling hook
Freeze time of day
Time of day: midday
Time of day: midnight
Infinite Bozak Horde time
Infinite challenge time
Activate First
Prepare: experience
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FAQ and More

Dying Light: Save your life!

Dying Light is an action-packed first-person shooter of superlatives. During the day, you walk through the amazing city that has been infected with a diabolical disease. Jump from roof top to roof top to escape the zombie horde that is trying to devour you. When things get a little heated simply activate the PLITCH Dying Light Trainer to catch your breath. Our cheat codes will keep the undead at bay and help you enjoy the game without any interruptions. Try the Dying Light cheats now!
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Dying Light
TechlandWarner Bros. Interactive
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20155/6/2022Dying Light
TechlandWarner Bros. Interactive

Survive the Zombies with PLITCH

Avoid the infection and stay alive with our Dying Light PC cheats
The main characters and enemies in Dying Light

Before you dive right into the world of Dying Light, we want to introduce you to the most important characters and enemies in the game.

Kyle Crane

Kyle Crane is the main character and protagonist of Dying Light and the DLC Dying Light: The Following. The player doesn’t get to know a lot about Crane and his character, other than the fact that he’s originally from Chicago, Illinois and served in the United States Armed Forces.


Spike is another important character in Dying Light as well as its successor Dying Light 2 Stay Human. “Spike” is actually just his nickname with his real name being Rudolph. He leads a group of survivors whose responsibility it is to protect the mobile laboratory as well as the research of a scientist who is looking to cure the zombie virus.


Another major character in Dying Light is Jane Aldemir. She belongs to the Runners, a group of survivors who live in the Slums and secures airdrops there.

The Infected

The Infected are the main enemies in Dying Light and are also known as zombies. Zombies are, or were, humans who are infected with the Harran virus that spread from the city of Harran and who failed to suppress the symptoms.

The higher brain functions of the Infected are reduced and the zombies continuously attack and infect every living being around them. There are different types of the Infected, all of them have their own characteristics and behaviors. Common zombies are known as "biters".

Your objective in the game is to survive this zombie apocalypse and be a survivor.

Important tips and how our Dying Light PC Cheats can help you

Dying Light is a first-person shooter which was released in 2015, and the predecessor of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. You need some tips to find your way around Harran, the fictional city in the game? Or maybe you've already started the game and are a bit overwhelmed? Don't worry, we've got you you covered!

Tips for a good start
  • Vans are useful as vantage points and combat advantages
  • Don’t be afraid to go outside at night in Dying Light
  • You shouldn’t ignore air drops
  • It’s better to complete all the side-missions
  • Make sure to dismantle all white weapons
  • Avoid using guns
  • Stay off the ground
  • Volatiles and Zombies are not able to swim
  •  You should always stock up on flares
  • If possible, retreat or avoid fighting
  • Prioritize the Survivor and Agility trees
  • You should always buy materials or blueprints from the shop

Important Features

If you want to survive the zombies in Dying Light, you need appropriate weapons. Weapons can be found in chests and boxes, and sometimes on the ground. Also, you can buy weapons from merchants if you have the money. All melee weapons have different properties, for example, they differ in damage, handling and durability.

PLITCH's Dying Light trainer also includes three weapon cheat codes. With them you won't have to reload, you'll have infinite gas for your flamethrower, and also your weapons will be indestructible.


You need money for many different items in the game. The currency in Dying Light is the Dollar. You can collect money in various ways - you can loot corpses, sell items (such as weapons), complete quests, loot bags and complete random events. If you don't feel like collecting money, you can also simply use the PLITCH money cheat to generate infinite money.


In Dying Light there is also a wide range of items. Items are things that you can collect in the game. These include ammunition, weapons, valuables, etc.


There are a lot of different outfits in Dying Light which you can get as rewards and use to customize your in-game appearance. You can get them in different way, e.g. by raising your survivor level, winning the game on each difficulty, beating Parkour Fever challenges, etc.

Moreover, there are different outfit perks that can be unlocked with certain outfits. There’s, e.g., the V-9 Defender Suit, its outfit perk is that it grants you fall damage reduction. Another example is the Winter Warrior outfit which helps you with its 20 % bonus to leveling up agility, power, survivor and legend skill trees.


You must always take care of your health in the game. You start with 100 points and you have to be careful not to take too much damage, otherwise Aiden will faint. You can get injured in various ways, such as falling from high roofs, attacks from zombies or other survivors, explosions, etc.

If you don't want to worry about your health, you could activate the PLITCH Godmode cheat code to guarantee your survival.


Furthermore, your stamina is important, the blue bar when climbing. The longer you climb, the more it decreases. The PLITCH Dying Light Trainer even offers a free cheat for infinite stamina.


As you can see, PLITCH is a great way to help you survive and make sure you stay a survivor and of course enjoy playing. For example, if it takes you too long to make kills, you can turn on our cheat code for one-hit kills. We can also provide you with infinite fuel and nitro, as well as unlimited Bozak Horde time. Our 30 cheat codes from our Dying Light Trainer have a lot to offer. See for yourself and happy gaming!


Dying Light
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