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Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV
PC Cheats & Trainer


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+50 Political power

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+50 Army experience

+50 Naval experience

+50 Airforce experience

+10 Command power


Mega-Manpower (on mouse over manpower)


Instant construction (on place construction)

Clear country threats

Instant research (on select research)


Instant national focuses

No focuses requirements

No focuses prerequisites

Instant agency upgrades

Instant agency recruit

Instant intel network

Instant operations

Cheat Description
Hearts of Iron IV Cheats
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About: Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV – Change the course of history!

The grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV will let you experience the second World War from the perspective of the state power and allows you to change the course of history. You have to lead your nation properly and need a lot of tactical prowess to succeed. If you want to progress faster, simply activate PLITCH’s Hearts of Iron IV PC cheats. With the 17 cheat codes included in our Hearts of Iron IV trainer, you’ll be able to customize the game to your liking and add all the resources you need.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Release Year: 2016
Last Update: 5/23/2023
Latest Game Version: Avalanche (5555) (S)

Change the course of history with PLITCH

Lead your country to victory with our Hearts of Iron IV PC cheats

How our Hearts of Iron IV trainer for PC can enhance your gameplay

If you’re looking for a great cheat engine for PC that improves your Hearts of Iron IV gaming experience, look no further than PLITCH! PLITCH offers 17 codes for Hearts of Iron IV that will help you win the war.

There’s one free resource cheat code that allows you to add 50 political power. Furthermore, PLITCH has more resource cheat codes that enable you to add naval, army as well as airforce experience or command power.

Do you want instant construction or instant research? No problem, PLITCH got you covered! That’s not enough? Don’t worry, there’s more. Check out our systems cheat codes such as "no focus requirements," "instant agency upgrades," "instant operations," and more.

The Hearts of Iron IV Trainer for PC from PLITCH will make the game even more fun! Try out our codes and play by your own rules.

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