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Muck Cheats

Muck PC Cheats & Trainer

Are you ready to survive alone on an island?

Build everything you need with the help of our Muck PC cheats

Important things you need to know before starting Muck

In the roguelike action-adventure game Muck from developer Dani, you'll have to survive on an island using only the resources at your disposal. There is a crafting system in the game, with which you can build weapons and many other things. Also, you should build a base to better protect yourself from enemies.

We at PLITCH will tell you some important tips, tricks and features that you should know before starting the game.


In the game Muck there are enemy mobs that spawn either at night or at shrines. They can drop useful items.

God Seeds

These are seeds that give you advantages at the beginning of the game compared to average seeds.

The best armor

The armor with the best defense was Adamantite until update 4 of Muck. In the fourth update, an Obamium sword and armor set were added, which provide the highest damage reduction.


In the game Muck there are also shields to help you survive on the island. Shields require a place in your inventory. A shield allows you to block attacks from your opponents. Keep reading to get info about PLITCH shield cheat codes and how you can use them to fill up your shield.

Gold bar

Melting gold ore in a furnace will create a gold bar. It can also be dropped by Wyvern. You can craft many items and tools from gold bars.


You can find the wreck of a sailing ship washed ashore in Muck. In chests you can sometimes find ship maps. You can find the location of the shipwreck on them. If you want to challenge the final boss in Muck, you must first completely repair the ship. For this you need certain resources.


There are different types of weapons in Muck, including bows. These are ranged weapons, meaning you can use them to keep your distance when attacking your opponents. There are wood bows, birch bows, fir bows, oak bows and an ancient bow.

How can PLITCH improve your gaming experience in Muck?

Our PLITCH Muck trainer for PC provides 22 cheat codes that you can use to customize your gameplay. No matter what it is, PLITCH offers countless possibilities. PLITCH Muck Trainer for PC and its cheat codes are completely free. So, you have a great opportunity to try PLITCH and its cheat codes.

For example, there are four different PLITCH item cheat codes for Muck, which you can use to set the resource damage, attack damage and attack speed of your items, among other things. There is also a PLITCH money / resources cheat that allows you to set the amount of your money yourself - wouldn't it be great if that existed in real life?

You can also determine your player attributes yourself. Is your movement speed too high or too low? Change it with our movement speed cheat. The same goes for your running speed. Just use the run-speed cheat code from PLITCH and run as fast as you want across the island. You can't jump high enough? No problem, you can set your jump height as well with the PLITCH jump-height cheat code. This makes survival on the island much easier.

It bothers you that you are hungry all the time? (Another real-life problem...) Then use our "No Hunger" cheat code. We also have a Godmode cheat code to offer, so you don't have to worry about your opponents anymore - with the PLITCH Godmode cheat code your survival is safe. Even at night and alone on the island you don't have to be afraid anymore thanks to the PLITCH Muck Trainer for PC.

PLITCH also offers you various cheat codes with which you can make the game either easier or harder. You want to refill your health or have low health? No problem! Refill your shield? Or no shield at all? That is also possible. You can also refill your stamina as well as your hunger or make sure you have low stamina and are hungry. With PLITCH’s Muck Trainer for PC there are no limits for you! The PLITCH Muck Trainer for PC will definitely improve your gaming experience!

Plitch Cheat-codes for Muck

Muck - Can you survive the waves of pixel enemies at night?

The action-adventure-game Muck can be classified in the genre Roguelike and revolves around surviving on an island with the resources available to the player there. The game has a crafting system to build tools, weapons, and more. You can also create a base to better defend yourself against the enemies. Because at night, a lot of enemies come looking for your death. Immerse yourself in the world of Muck together with your friends or experience it alone with our exclusive Training-Codes and Cheats from PLITCH, which will provide you with a very unique gaming experience.
Developer: Dani
Publisher: Dani
Release Year: 2021
Last Update: 7/23/2021
Latest Game Version: 1.3
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First



Set Money



Unlimited Shield

Unlimited Stamina

No Hunger


Set Selected Item Quantity

Set Selected Item Resource Damage

Set Selected Item Attack Damage

Set Selected Item Attack Speed


Easy Craft

Player attributes

Set Movement-Speed (default = 6.5)

Set Run-Speed (default = 13)

Set Jump-Height (default = 12)

Player general

Refill Health

Low Health

Refill Shield

No Shield

Refill Stamina

Low Stamina

Refill Hunger


Cheat Description

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