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PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

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Refill Wood

Refill Reed

Refill Clay

Refill Iron

Refill Food

Refill Gold

Premium Cheats


Unlimited Wood

Minimum 50% Wood

Minimum 25% Wood

Maximum 50% Wood

Maximum 25% Wood

Unlimited Reed

Minimum 50% Reed

Minimum 25% Reed

Maximum 50% Reed

Maximum 25% Reed

Unlimited Clay

Minimum 50% Clay

Minimum 25% Clay

Maximum 50% Clay

Maximum 25% Clay

Unlimited Iron

Minimum 50% Iron

Minimum 25% Iron

Maximum 50% Iron

Maximum 25% Iron

Unlimited Food

Minimum 50% Food

Minimum 25% Food

Maximum 50% Food

Maximum 25% Food

Unlimited Gold

Minimum 50% Gold

Minimum 25% Gold

Maximum 50% Gold

Maximum 25% Gold


Unlimited health

Maximum 66% health

Maximum 33% health

Unlimited sanity

Maximum 66% sanity

Maximum 33% sanity

Unlimited faith

Maximum 66% faith

Maximum 33% faith

Stealth mode

Cheat Description
Gord Cheats
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About: Gord

Gord - Build, Conquer, Survive

Gord is a single-player adventure strategy game where you can only survive and triumph by defeating the mysterious darkness that lurks behind the gates. Manage the Tribe of the Dawn in this dark fantasy realm, shaping their destiny through quests that affect their well-being and the fate of the community. Navigate forbidden lands inspired by Slavic folklore to ensure your tribe's survival while weaving a compelling narrative of personal stories. If you need help surviving in this hostile world, don't hesitate to activate PLITCH's Gord cheats. The cheat codes from our Gord trainer will help you in any situation.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Covenant.dev
Publisher: Team17
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/19/2023
Latest Game Version:

Defeat the darkness with PLITCH's Gord cheats

Never run out of resources with our Gord game trainer

Here's what our Gord trainer has to offer!

Unlock the true potential of your PC gaming experience with PLITCH, the ultimate game trainer software for single-player enthusiasts. Leave the tedious resource gathering of Gord behind and dive into the fun part of the game. PLITCH provides you with a variety of Gord cheats that will turn your gameplay into a thrilling adventure.

With free Gord cheats like Refill Gold, Wood, Food, Iron, and Clay, you can focus on strategic decisions without worrying about mundane tasks. But that's just the beginning. Upgrade to Premium Cheats and enjoy unlimited Wood, Reed, Clay, Iron, Gold, and Food, all while maintaining a customizable minimum or maximum balance for each resource.

It doesn't stop there - PLITCH lets you overcome challenges with ease. Unit cheats provide unlimited Health, Sanity, and Faith, ensuring your character is unstoppable. Turn the tables with Stealth Mode and surprise your enemies from the shadows.

Gone are the days of grinding and frustration. Embrace the positive side of cheating with PLITCH as you redefine the way you play. Transform your gaming world and enjoy every single-player adventure to the fullest.

Happy Gaming!

What makes PLITCH’s Gord cheats special?

Looking to level up your Gord game? PLITCH, the ultimate game trainer and cheat provider, is here to take your gaming experience to new heights! But why should you use PLITCH?

  1. Tailored challenges: Customize your game difficulty – play casually or ramp up the challenge; PLITCH lets you decide.
  2. 100% safe and legal: Play without fear of bans or malware; PLITCH operates within the boundaries of legality.
  3. User-friendly interface: Our client is easy to use, supports multiple languages and platforms, and offers mobile app compatibility for quick cheats.
  4. Quick updates: We stay ahead of the game with rapid patches and updates, ensuring you have cheats for the latest game versions.
  5. Top-notch customer service: Our dedicated team is here to assist you, making your gaming journey hassle-free.

Supercharge your Gord adventure with PLITCH today! Download now and embrace a world where you set the rules.

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